Monday, August 4, 2014

New title from Vertigo: Bodies #1

New from Vertigo this week was Bodies #1. I got excited about it when I saw Tula Lotay's name on the cover. I wrote a review on the first issue of Supreme Blue Rose last week. She was the illustrator of the ambitious project which was unfortunately now written by my favorite writer.

Bodies is a combined effort between four artists and one writer. Si Spencer writes a murder mystery that spans four different time periods, all different circumstances, different investigators but with one very important catch; it's the same body in all four periods. Pretty neat hun!?!? Each time period is illustrated by a separate artist dedicated to that era. 2014 by Meghan Hetrick, 1890 by Dean Ormston, 2050 by Tula Lotay, and 1940 by Phil Winslade. My two favorites being Dean Ormston and Tula Lotay. I'm a little bias, you may remember Ormston from Judge Dread and The Sandman series. SQUEAL. I don't squeal a whole lot, just over things that excite me, like my favorite artists and creators.

This is going to be an 8 issue mini series. It's about time Vertigo grabbed my attention again in a big way. I was drowning in a sea of amazing Image titles and lost my way from my roots almost entirely. I was just waiting for Vertigo to do something amazing. Not that what they're putting out is all bad. Not at all, but like I said, when comparing to the creator owned titles of Image, Vertigo got buried. You should see my bedside table! Well, you can't because it's covered in books and singles. I'm excited about this one. What a great concept with so many talented people on it. Can't wait for issue 2.

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