Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dark Engine #2 *SPOILERS*

I love this cover! It's seriously another framer. Sym is quickly becoming my favorite bad-ass female icon. I desperately want to embrace my inner geek and cosplay her! I gotta find this skull...hmmmm...

This issue holds some surprise. Sym appears to travel through worlds and ages. I dunno if you want to look at it like alternate dimensions, or all taking place on one continuous timeline on Earth but Sym is moving from civilization to civilization. At the beginning of the story she's been taken by some Egyptians mistakenly as the god Ammit, Eater of Hearts. Sym doesn't stay there long though. As her body appears to die, she emerges from the innards of a horse in Norse times. Perhaps soon to be worshiped as a god yet again?

I had to poke artist Jon Bivens last night to ask some questions about where this story is going! I wondered, is Sym going to travel through all kinds of different cultures and civilizations throughout history? Cryptically he answered "Pirates... but maybe not the kind you're thinking of..." So that's all you get for future spoilers!! I wonder if Sym will visit space? hmmm.... space pirates!!!???

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