Monday, August 4, 2014

Clive Barker's Nightbreed #3

I've been really enjoying this series from Boom. This issue has another dazzling cover. A haunting figure holding a chalice with bloodied fingers. You don't know quite what it's all about at first and then you read. It's here that the story really takes on a new life. The best quote I can pull is the last line. "Fate is a strange thing, a 'demon' can give birth to the divine and 'divinity' can birth a demon."

I've been trying with some difficulty lately, to conduct a review without spilling the beans. I don't like leaking spoilers but sometimes its necessary in order to properly dissect how I feel about a piece. So please excuse my occasional leaking. Parts of this issue reminded me of a season of Dexter due to the whole evil preacher. There was also an evil preacher in Buffy but he was really proud of being evil. There was no delusion about that guy. This preacher seems to have a great deal of delusion. It's fantastic. I love a complex homicidal maniac. Well, I like them in comics... You know what I mean.

I do hope there are a lot more people reading this than I know about. I'm sad that I don't hear much mention of the book. It happens though. The comic book world is a lot more saturated than it once was and yes, Marvel and DC still rule the market for the most part. Boom has some amazing titles coming up. Don't forget to grab your Nigthbreeds.

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