Sunday, August 3, 2014

Art Monster Issues 1, 2 & 3 by Jeremy Holt & Francesca Ciregia

Jeremy Holt was one of the first people I ever interviewed for this blog. I've read a lot of his work since. This is my favorite of Holt's stories to date. It's unique in design and the plot is breath of fresh air from all the post-apocalyptic drudgery that everyone else is coughing up right now. Did I mention I'm sick of all that? Ciregia's black and white panels fits the tone of this story. I love black and white illustrations in indie comics. Anything that belongs in or around the horror vein is typically something I want to see done in black and white, if I'm supposed to take it seriously. For me, it really allows the heart of the story to shine through. I'm not being bamboozeled by a barrage of photoshop and manga studio gradients or swatches. (personal pet peeve? those fucking sun flares).

Art Monster is a creative take on the typical reanimated corpse story. It's not a story about zombies eating up everyone ( at least not yet), and it's not about making a new girlfriend out of the parts of dead hotties (yes I've seen that story). This is about creating art through reanimated corpses. Brilliant! I don't want to spoil the plot for you because it's too fun a ride. I encourage everyone to hit up Comixology and see for yourself. Art Monster issue 3 is now available on Comixology as of Wednesday. SPLURGE on the amazing deal of .99 cents an issue! It's more than worth it. Check out some of the art below!

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