Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pride of Bagdad by Brian K Vaughan

It's easy to overlook animal fantasy even in the comic book world. Although there are so many amazing stories. Personal favorites being We3 and Beasts of Burden. I always meant to read Pride of Bagdad but it was one of those things that got put on the list and very never happened. It wasn't until I stumbled on a copy on Free Comic Book Day that I reminded myself the book existed.

Whenever I sense that I am becoming disenchanted with current comics, I know I can count on Vaughan to spark my interest and remind me how a good comic book is supposed to exist. This story is contained in one trade paper originally serialized as a mini series with amazing Canadian artist Niko Henrichon. This is one of the most beautifully illustrated Vaughan stories. Henrichon at the time was still fairly new to the comic book world, this being his third graphic novel project.

The story begins with four lions held captive in a Bagdad zoo. They are in the middle of planning their escape when it turns out it was completely unnecessary. Vaughan based the story  on a news report about a small pride of  lions that actually escaped a zoo during a bombing Bagdad. As you can see from the picture below, it's gorgeous. Like seriously, these lions will gorge the shit out of the rest of the zoo. Actually that's not true. The entire time they're looking for meat, hungry but unable to find a moment to eat anything. The ending will haunt you but that's what good stories are all about. Check this one out! Oh and no, it's not suitable for young children.

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