Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Was The Cat by Paul Tobin & Benjamin Dewey

Recent Oni Press release I Was The Cat has been on my read list since the press release went out. Unfortunately my read list is a mile long and I've gotten to it just a tad late. That happens when you're sick with the flu and then become consumed with a decade old manga series containing beautiful characters with wings.

Every Tuesday since June 3rd, a Chapter of I Was The Cat has debuted on ComiXology for a total of six chapters. The story centers around Burma, a fluffy ginger cat who is on his eighth life. He dictates the events of his past lives to journalist Miss Breaking, to be written as his ultimate memoir.

Although I find this script and overall plot of this story to be unique and engaging, I wasn't thrilled with the artwork which felt a little mundane and lack-luster. However, it's one of those cases where the story is just so funny and the characters so clever that the artwork doesn't particular turn me off. It's just not anything that I can personally rave about. I do find this a little difficult to say as artist Benjamin Dewey is a fairly flexible artist who moves easily through artistic styles and genres. I do feel like the artwork in this particular book however, feels a little dated and would have been happier with something a little less rigid. That being said, the cover art is fabulous and I wish it had dictated more of what happened within the body of the book.

Check out ComiXology to order your copy!

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