Monday, June 9, 2014

Death Note: Vol 1

artist Takeshi Obata
writer Tsugumi Ohba

This is another oldie that I didn't get into at the time. I think I was too busy reading ALL the Naruto and Bleach. Kinda regret bothering with the Bleach. At any rate, I should have read this series. I'll make up for it now. Death Note is about a Death God who out of boredom, decides to drop his note book into the human world. This allows someone to pick it up and use it. Humans can use this tool to kill people by writing their names in the book with some specific instructions. The note book comes with a whole set of rules and regulations. Not all of which are immediately apparent and can only be discovered through trial and error. Highschool student Light Yagami takes possession of this book. As part of the rules, he is able to see the death god to which the note book belongs. 

There are a whole bunch of rules that I'm not going to get into, but that's what makes the story so interesting. Light keeps finding new ways to manipulate the note book and as the story progresses, he and the death god develop this strange respect for one another. All this as Light does his best to purify the world of the wicked. He kills criminals. The authorities are onto him though, and a mysterious detective known only as L, threatens to bring him down.

I really do feel that Death Note is a unique and clever story. The relationship beginning to develop between the death god and Light is of particular interest as the story is so far, unmarred by the typical romantic exploits of a leading male character. Instead a developing platonic relationship takes center stage. I also really enjoy the artwork. The death god is truly odd looking. At least that was my first impression. Sometimes you see such typical beasts and monsters in manga. It's nice to see something a little more inspired. Obata is truly talented.  If you haven't already, check this one out.

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