Friday, May 30, 2014

Trees issue #1 by Warren Ellis & Jason Howard

The name Warren Ellis has always and will forever be associated in my head with Hellblazer. Me being one of the larger Hellblazer fans alive. Even though his work with the title was short lived, he quit after DC refused to publish a story centered around school shootings (sour grapes). I for one agreed with DC and saw no reason to rub salt on an open seeping wound as Columbine had recently taken place. The story was eventually published anyway some years later but you know, timing is everything.

So it's been a while since I've read anything by Ellis. When I saw the release of Trees creeping up I got a little excited. I picked the first issue on release day which was Wednesday, May 28th. I read it when I got home. I had questions. Immediately I started thinking of that awful M Night Shyamalan movie and wondering why anyone would want to associate themselves with that. I actually liked the concepts behind that movie but you know, poor execution. In this story however, giant poles come down from the heavens. Although the story takes place some decades or so after the these "trees" originally appeared and humanity is attempting to deal with them, Ellis gives us some background info. I developed lots of questions. So I thought I'd just ask Ellis. Unfortunately for me, he felt that the work should just speak for itself which takes all the fun out of my job.

So yeah that kinda blows for me having fun and getting to talk to people but if you do want to hear what Ellis has to say about Trees then jump on over to Multiversity where he talked to them about it right HERE.

As for issue 1, I dig the artwork. Majorly dig the coloring and I do want to read on to learn more about the beings responsible for the trees. I guess that means Warren Ellis accomplished what he set out to do with this issue. 

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