Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shutter Issue #2

The story just picks right up! Throws you right back into the action in where they left off! Where did they leave off? Kate, our retired adventurer is being forced back into the world of adventure by what appears to be semi-intelligent animals... that wear clothing. Of course, these the reasons and people ultimately responsible are not completely obvious. It does appear however that the lion-headed gang was commissioned by one of Kate's siblings to kidnap her.

I have to say that I really enjoy the little cat clock which seems to act as butler (or maid?) to our heroine. He's so cute and speaks in a super cutie way. At least I imagine his voice to be super cute in my head. It would match the super cute things he says. Apparently he makes cookies and they are totally happening. I wish I had a magical (?), robotic (?) cat that made me cookies!

It's around here that I would like to also point out that the weird tubby robots with the bandit rats completely looks like Tic Tok from Return to Oz (the movie not the books). Tell me I'm wrong :

Tik Tok
And here's the character from Shutter. Tik Tok MAD!!

What do you think folks? Unless they tell us that the universe has melded with that of Oz, I cannot explain this wild and direct character stealing. Or can I??

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