Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shutter issue #1 by Joe Keatinge & Leila del Duca

Variant cover by Brandon Graham
So I realize this actually came out April 9th but I just noticed it hanging on the new release shelf yesterday. It was all lonely. The Brandon Graham variant cover is what caught my eye.

Here's the rundown from CBR's preview piece :

"Marvel Knights: Hulk and Glory writer Joe Keatinge teams up with debut artist Leila del Duca for her Image Comics debut in an all-new ongoing series combining urban fantasy and globe-spanning adventure, SHUTTER. Kate Kristopher, once the most famous explorer on Earth—an Earth that’s far more fantastical than the one we know, filled with demons, gorgons, phantom ninjas, and various other monsters of lore—is forced to return to the adventurous life she left behind when a family secret threatens to destroy everything she spent her life protecting."

Yeah sorry, I didn't feel like writing a summary. I do that a lot. My initial thoughts start with the artwork. Not exactly my cup of tea but more up my alley than say, the standard Buffy the Vampire Slayer artists. When I think of boring comic book artists, I think of the people who work on the Buffy comics. It made me stop reading them. But this isn't boring, it's just not my favorite. Duca is talented and I enjoy the way she portrays her main character. She's got the typical gaunt face that I love. Like the people in the a Jeff Lemire comic. (See below for a sample page.) I have to say I enjoy the backgrounds more than the characters and in addition, I like the intro pages more than the rest of the issue. I felt the intro was beautifully drawn. Maybe I just go for that sort of gothic appeal more so than the futuristic eden look. As for the story, I'm interested to see where it goes. I immediately got this Unwritten feel from the opening. I will be grabbing issue 2 for certain. 

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