Friday, May 9, 2014

San Hannibal # 2 by Dan Schkade, JD Faith & Jesse Snavlin

Lucky me !! I got an advanced copy of San Hannibal issue #2!! You may remember how impressed and captivated I was with issue 1! Issue 2 has our private eye digging deeper into the mystery of missing photo journalist Savannah Loy. Mysteriously, Loy's boyfriend has gone missing as well! Avery finds himself dealing with punk rockers and mobsters as he tries to solve the mystery.

The illustrations in this issue are highlighted in a vibrant neon blue. Edgier, colder and sharper to match the violence of this portion of the story. I'd liked to talk to the creators about the significance of the coloring rather than make my own observational guesses.

Of course like any good mystery story, this installment leaves you with more questions than answers. I have to praise once again, the unique voice of writer Dan Schkade. The noir genre is heavily saturated with the success of recent stories like Fatal, but Schkade has carved out a whole new space in the noir comic box.

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