Thursday, May 29, 2014

DEBUT WEBCOMIC: Last Days of Nobodies by Mike Medagalia

Yesterday, author Mike Medagalia debuted his latest webcomic Last Days of Nobodies to be updated every other Wednesday to follow until completion. The webcomic takes a closer look at three prolific artists starting with Vincent Van Gogh, followed then by Emily Dickinson and Franz Kafka. Crafted with pencil then digitally colored, Medagalia's work holds a soft organic whimsy. I love seeing pencil strokes in comic book illustrations. It gets my attention every time.

The difficulty for me with webcomics, is remembering which days to go back and visit to read the updates. I was a big fan of Mitch Clem but man, I regularly forgot to go back and check for updates. Especially when he got lazier and lazier about updating. However, in the end he compiled it all into a book which made a lot of people very happy. I am crossing my fingers that we'll see that happening with this webcomic as it's truly beautiful and I love to see it exist in its entirety.

You can check out Mike Medagalia's Last Days of Nobodies on tumblr using the following address: Be sure to bookmark it so you can go back for each additional update!

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