Monday, May 26, 2014

Angel Sanctuary Volume 6 by Kaori Yuki

Manga totally improves my day. When I've had a shit day at work and I'm frustrated with reality, I resort to escapism as many people do. I also resort to eating giant bowls of pasta but that's another topic. Angel Sanctuary is the typical kind of escape for me. Fantasy, ooo Enochian fantasy!  Twisted lives, demons, angels! Crazy re-interpretation of scripture! I love it! 

This volume focuses much more on our little demon friends while Setsuna and Kato release all the souls waiting to be judged in one of the layers of Hell. We get to hear from Kiri and Arachne a lot more. I find the world they come from Gehenna, pretty interesting with it's own hierarchy. Apparently even Hell has rejected these demons. They receive a visit from a fallen angel who asks that the demons pledge allegiance to Lucifer. The demon are not interested in his proposal. I was never a huge fan of Kiri but she's growing on me! She displays a lot more strength of character is this volume and we get to know her a little better. 

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