Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Andre the Giant: The Life and Times

Kind of a strange fact about yours truly, I was a big wrestling fan as a kid. I have two twin brothers who are significantly older than myself. They were big wrestling fans and every Saturday night, we watched the WWF on television. It was played on one of about 4 stations that would come in on my grandmothers television up in the mountains. I was always a huge Hulk Hogan fan. I also really liked the Undertaker and yes, I remember Andre the Giant. I was born in the early 80's which means that my childhood contained reruns of the Princess Bride on television. When I learned about the biography of Andre the Giant in graphic novel form, I knew I needed to read it.

There were a lot of facts I didn't quite understand about the man. I didn't understand the nature of his condition. I didn't realize that he was in so much pain, and had so much surgery as a result. Box Brown takes careful note of how doctors had to push two surgical tables together in order to operate on his back, in an attempt to relieve pressure on his spine.  Brown shows Andre's fondness of alcohol but doesn't make him look abusive or undignified. If anything, it becomes clear that the Giants debilitating condition had increased his love of the drink to ease his physical pain.

There is a lot to discover about Andre and I do not want to spoil it all in one little article. If you're a wrestling fan, it's definitely worth picking up. I found a new appreciation for the friendly giant.

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