Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All-New Doop # 2 by Peter Milligan

It appears to me that the latest Marvel cross-over story arc is annoying and seems to be a new take on Days of Future Past in a way. Bringing back the old X-men, and throwing in future X-men while the present ones scramble to send them back to their times, (and the moral issue of sentencing them to their demise by putting them back in the correct timeline) is strategically timed with the release of the latest X-men movie. At any rate, besides this mini-series of Doop, I'm really not reading or covering any of it.

 I use to love Marvel's cross-over story arcs. Now I hate them. They were always forcing me to read other series of characters I didn't care for, just so I knew I had the whole picture. I can without regret, tell you that I'm only bothering with Doop in this story arc.

In this series, Doop attempts to shed some light on the current situation with these past and future X-men running around. Although Kitty Pride, sorry Professor K is not interested in perusing a romantic relationship with Doop, (how could she say no to that stinky meat ring!?) he attempts to let her solve the crisis at hand. You know, cause that's the type of nice green blob Doop is. I would snuggle him! He's lump but I bet he's soft! lol Besides, he can speak English now. Although his version of English sounds like it's coming out of a 10 year old and he often still refers to himself in the third person. That could get on ones nerves.                                                                                                                                                            
In the end, I kind of wish this story wasn't riding on the coat tails of the latest Marvel cross-over story arc. Sigh.

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