Saturday, April 5, 2014

The End of Jeff Lemire's Trillium: Trillium issue 8

April 2nd 2014 marked the release of Jeff Lemire's final issue of Trillium. The time-travelling, space love story spanned only 8 issues with a few bumps along the way. A couple delays in release but nothing major.

Lemire's vision of a love-story crossing through time and fighting the destruction of humanity, prevails when our literally star-crossed lovers save a ship of sleeping colonists from their total annihilation. The deadly sentient virus known only as The Caul has wiped out almost all of humanity. Nika and William sacrifice themselves to send the colonists ship on autopilot to a new planet and a new future. When Nika and William are left drifting in space with the remainder of their life support system, Nika explains that she feels compelled to go through the blackhole. The one the aliens told her was the 'mouth of god'. As typical with Lemire, the implications of the ending bitter sweet for our lovers. He does let us know as always, that with loss there is gain and shows a beautiful illustration of the colonists beginning a new life on a distant planet. A little girl who looks remarkably like our heroine Nika, draws a pictorial story about the events in the sky.

In the end, Trillium wasn't exactly what I expected yet remains a sweet miniseries that anyone can enjoy whether your in it for the love story, the time travel, or the spaceships and aliens.

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