Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Skinned #1

Written by Tim Daniel & Jeremy Holt
Art by Joshua Gowdy

I got a digital copy of this today from Jeremy Holt and was most excited to read it simply because of the cover. By now you must know that covers tend to pull me in, however they don't make me stay (*cough* the buffy comics *cough*).

Mostly, this story is fits into the cyberpunk genre which is probably my favorite genre. After reading Jeff Noon's Vurt some time ago, I began writing my own cyberpunk story. So far that gives Skinned my attention.

The story takes place in a world where humans are given new lenses (literally) through which to view the world. A physical device invoking the old adage of rose colored glasses so to speak. They allow the viewer to see things as they choose and project your imagination visually. The company or agency responsible is called Occup-eye. Apart from that I haven't 100% learned their uses except that there appears to be a hacker afoot. Note to self - Must probe Mr. Holt for more details.

Due to what I can only imagine is the constantly shifting thoughts of a human being, the appearance of the world shifts from panel to panel. Although I like the changing architecture and fashion of the Occup-eye world, I'm not sure where this entire plot is going. "Reality is a disease" according to the agency responsible for Occup-eye. Makes sense to me but wouldn't there be all kinds of side effects? For instance, disorientation? Maybe something sort of like the bends or vertigo. If your world is constantly changing, even in appearance, does it not create an inability eventually to adapt to ones surroundings? I suppose this is another question for the writers as I still have yet to understand if people are actually projecting what they see in their minds to other people, or if that is in fact private.

I'm curious how the royalty fits into this story. I am unsure if they are responsible for Occup-eye or actually enslaved by it.

Well, I think I'll write a couple emails and find some answers! Stay tuned! ;)

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