Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm BACK! A little update~

I took a little break from writing to reset, re-assess and recharge. Anyway I feel quite good despite my recent bout with the flu that finally allowed me a little reading time. (In between the bouts of watery eyes, of which there were many.) I'm please to let you know that there will soon be posted some Attack on Titan reviews among other things and I'll be visiting the comic shop this week to get back on track with my singles. Although I haven't missed much I'm afraid. I've been very disappointed in The Walking Dead as you all know and I don't care to read it much at all anymore (although I will).

Lately, I have had little spare time as most of my time away from the office has been dedicate to bettering my physical health at the gym and ramping up the Nightshade events. As some of you know, I co-host a costume party that happens every three weeks here in Halifax. As a result, I'm often working on costumes and decorations for the events. It's actually a lot of work. As a result I have been obsessed with costuming and just got a sewing machine. My recent pursuit in Lolita costumes has led me into the study of sewing circle and bustle skirts. The bustle skirts of course coming in handy with my love of Steampunk (also an upcoming Nightshade theme).

I have also been working on the condo. My wonderful partner Chris and I have finally finished making it a proper home and I get to come home and make dinner, rather than opening boxes and finding places for things. I am looking forward to going home tonight and making bimbimbap, or bibibap.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day! I spent mine quite sick with the flu but Chris made it wonderful despite the whole virus thing. ;) More to come!

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