Thursday, February 27, 2014

Attack on Titan: Volume 7 by Hajime Isayama *Spoilers*

The poor Survey Corps! Another fruitless mission. The only thing they learned was that there is another human who can turn into a Titan. I'm fairly certain the commanding officers already knew about the existence of this female Titan. Their attempt to capture her significantly reduced their numbers as only 20% returned home from battle. Needless to say, Wall Maria was not recovered.

Reading this volume has shown me that the Isayama has improved significantly as manga artist. On a quick comparison of the illustrations in volume 1 to the panels in volume 7, I see a noticeable improvement in the perspective of many of the panels. Where I felt that much of volume 1 had a minimalist style due to a lack of skill, I do not feel this way about the panels in this later volume. There is more detail and movement within the action scenes and the characters expressions feel less cookie cutter and more varied.

I did purchase volume 8 & 9 yesterday. I am a sucker for mystery so I need to know who the female Titan is and whatever their intention may be. Sucker.. I know. I do not even know if the author has written the answer yet. I won't research it for fear of ruining the plot for myself.

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