Saturday, January 11, 2014

Manifest Destiny: Issue #3

  • Story By: Chris Dingess
    • Art By: Matthew Roberts
    • Art By: Owen Gieni
    • Cover By: Matthew Roberts
    • Cover By: Owen Gieni
    • I was right about those zombies.. kinda. LOL. They are actually diseased residence of La Charlotte settlement. The story goes, some hunter went out, shot some game and fell ill shortly after. During the autopsy it was discovered that a flora had grown through his entire system, and dude was actually still moving around. Only he was attacking people. The flora was actually the only thing left in his body. It's intention was procreation through other species. It began to take over the settlement. However some of the braver, more resourceful members of the community barricaded themselves inside a safe house and conveniently came out when our stories "heroes" rushed in and burned the shit out of the settlements infected loved ones. Pretty great hun? Don't you just love historically inaccurate fantasy comics? 

    I actually really enjoy this book. I can't wait for the next one. I want to know more about the child that our US soldiers want to "rescue" (capture).

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