Monday, August 12, 2013

Upcoming Content - What I'm currently doing and eating! (that means reading)

Hello comic book slaves and obsessives!  How's the OCD today? Mine is ever present and running a muck all over Halifax, invading stores and my boyfriend's apartment. I have yet to hear complaints about my leaving graphic novels around his place. Finally this week I get to go clean out my subscription box at Quantum Frontier after a few months of being broke on account of the ex bf who ran off with my money. DAMN. (Think of all the comics I could have bought and  you know, the tuition I could have paid.) But I've got some lovelies waiting for me including some Prophet (I believe I accidentally ordered the wrong volume, but we'll find out), The Walking Dead, Savage Wolverine, The Hollows... yeah that'd about right. Super excited. Additionally, I am waiting on my signed copy of Over the Wall in the mail.

Currently, I'm reading Classic Tank Girl, Akira Volume 2, Barefoot Gen Volume 2, The Unwritten Volume 1, some more Sin City and the wonderful Osamu Tezuka's Nextworld! I also have a copy of a book titled A Distant Neighborhood which I keep meaning to read but it keeps making it's way to the bottom of my pile as other books catch my eye over it. So I dunno if I will ever end up reading that. It may just make it's way back to the Library untouched. 

Other than that I am my busy self! Started running and working out again so that cuts into comic time.. additionally my beloved brought a PS3 over to my house and we've been playing Battlefield 3 multiplayer online. That also cuts into comic time. But don't worry, plenty of posts and sorted opinions to come soon!

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