Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sin City: That Yellow Bastard by Frank Miller

What a find! Original singles in great condition for the total price of $12.50 (That's CAD of course). I started reading it right away. My quest to read more Miller is going pretty swell I'd say. I had only happened to stumble into the Dartmouth Strange Adventures in hope that their back issue sale was still in swing. It was! I also found issue 3 of The Maxx in perfect condition. I'll take that for .33 even though I know I have a copy of it already. Your favorite comics are always nice to have doubles of... and the trade paper back and in some cases - the Hard Covered edition.

That Yellow Bastard is an amazing story. I loved the film adaptation and I loved the comic book. The story was 6 issues long, that's 6 chapters for all the trade paper toting fans. The series ran from Feb '96 - Jul '96 on Darkhorse Comics. The plot centers around nearly retired cop Hartigan who takes on one last case against the advice of his partner. He has to save an 11 year old girl from a pedophile. It all goes down wrong when he gets framed for the crime and serves 8 years hard time. 

The artwork is in black and white with the only color in the entire book being yellow for that yellow bastard. Junior, senator Roark's son. The Roark's are the ones who control all of Sin City. They run the crime syndicate, law enforcement and the government (including the church).  All the stories involve the Roark family in one form or another. It is pretty brilliant how the characters' lives overlap.

I should mention, and I often forget to, that this story is not suitable for children. This story is strictly for a mature audience. The Sin City series deals with sex, exploitation, drugs and yeah there's nudity. Lots of dirty language to boot.

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