Saturday, August 17, 2013

Savage Wolverine Issue 5-7 once by Frank Cho, now by Well, Madureira and Steigerwald

Is anyone else uninspired by this lack luster cover for issue #7? If I was high, I'd assume that I was looking at a cover from the 199's. ewe.

I can't seem to find any information regarding the artist and writer switch in Savage Wolverine. I loved Frank Cho's work. That is why this is the only Marvel title I have subscribed to and what? They got rid of him? Why did he only get to write the first story arc? What am I missing here? Now we get stuck with king of photoshop Wells and Madureira. Sigh. There's nothing unique and classy about this . I don't like this artwork. Cho stops after issue five and I'm supposed to keep reading!? I don't understand the second story arc.. what happened? I thought the point of calling it Savage Wolverine was because it takes place in the Savage Land!? I'm not liking this. This better all be flashbacks! Plus that awesome 1950's pinup style Frank Cho was sporting.. it's gone! NOooooo!!!!!

The only saving grace are the neat bad guys. Above is Mikaru the Blind and he's got creepy hands covering his eyes... that are like... um... part of his skull?? I have no idea. There is of course the token creepy little doll girl with no eyes. That's super original and not at all reminiscent of Edward Gorey. (Pssttt I'm being sarcastic.) Who else are we seeing? Elektra (blahech!) and Bullseye (yeah whatever). Once again Wolverine is surrounded by scantily clad women who's claim to fame is that they like body suits and apparently "kick ass". They haven't done any ass kicking yet.

Oh yeah! Spiderman and the King Pin make appearances too! That's kind cool, but that's the only props I'm throwing in the direction of this series. I'm sad. Sad, sad, sad. I'm gonna try to contact Frank Cho.

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