Thursday, August 8, 2013

Brandon Graham's Newest Book "Walrus"

Right HERE !!! Brandon Graham recently released a new book collecting his artwork and I'm begging for a signed copy! BEGGING! I still haven't heard back from the email and comments I left. Being in Nova Scotia makes it impossible to go to comic book signings. No one ever comes here to our little nerdville. Yet it seems unfair because now we've got Hal-con and all the store make a big deal of out Free Comic Book Day. There's also a lot of other local events that are celebrated.

At any rate, I'm publicly begging now! Please Brandon Graham! I really want a signed copy of Walrus for my collection. I'm such a big fan!! I even have one of your coloring books that I received from a generous friend. Purdy please!! With lots of singing cigarettes on top??!

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