Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Walking Dead ~Free Comic Book Day Issue~

MMMM my favorite, Korean dumplings.. I am gonna eat ALL of them.

I live 2 blocks from the Dartmouth Strange Adventures so I went there with my friend James and picked this up (along with 7 volumes of manga for the whopping price of 2$ for the lot).

It's not a numbered issue so it's kinda like a one-off that provides us with a little insight into the life of everyone's favorite bad-ass African American lady Michonne. I talks about what happened to her leaving the office on the day the zombies showed up.

Michonne narrates the story to her dead boyfriend. It's pretty gruesome, I really hope they didn't give this out to children. Sincerely, people don't understand how inappropriate this book is for children under 13. I have literally seen people buy this for their 8 years old kids and I'm always warning them "excuse me , I just want you to know that you should read this before your child does, because it's seriously not for kids". I get confused "mind your own business looks".

Getting back to the story, there's a bit about what Michonne went through as well as a disturbing little bit about the Governor, which I kind thought was in poor taste considering he raped and tortured her in the early part of the story. I mean, they aren't connected otherwise. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and well yeah. So why do they have their two stories in the same issues? They don't meet each other in the issue, it's two separate stories. I'm a bit, well disturbed. I normally like being disturbed by gore and violence in fantasy, not overlooked BS like this. I'm sure no one else cares.

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