Friday, April 5, 2013

Fushigi Yugi : Volume 4, 5 & 6

by Yuu Watase

Yeah I know, I'm still reading Fushigi Yugi... why you ask? I want to see Miaka die! I know she's not going to but a girl can hope right? After all, she's a selfish cow who eats constantly and still has the girlish figure of a 15 year old (oh right she is 15) WHO CARES! Screw Miaka! After her best friend realized that the biggest reason she came back to play-land was because she fell in love with a boy and not to save her friend, why the hell would anyone like Miaka? Oh right, she's the positive, obnoxious main character.

So what happened in all these three volumes that I bothered to read?? Well Miaka got in trouble, then someone saved her. Then she got in trouble again, and someone saved her, then she tried to drown herself...wait for it... AND SOMEONE SAVED HER! Who cares! Why am I still reading this? I just want her to actually die. Her lover-boy got brainwashed into loving Yui (Miaka's ex-BFF, which by the way, the only reason I'm using teen-speak, is because that is all these characters can vocally vomit). Tamahome (Miaka's lover-boy) tries to kill Miaka a few times, failing sadly and only managing to break her arm. She finds all the damn 7 celestial warriors (good for her?) and is now supposed to summon her god. By the end of the sixth volume, Tamahome is back with Miaka, un-brainwashed, and kissing ass. All is supposed to be right and good. DAMN IT! WHY?!?!?!?!?!

That is all.

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