Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dororo Volume 2

I love Dororo as previously expressed in my post regarding Volume 1. I'm almost through the 3rd volume now and I just know I'll be sad when it's all over. Volume 2 is full of samurai and bandits run a muck Their bodies sometimes being inhabited by demons which Hyakkimaru defeats and wins back body parts. We have learned some interesting facts. One, that Dororo is the offspring of a famous thief who put a treasure map on the back of his child. Two, that Dororo's father intends that all the hidden riches be given to the poor fathers who have been raped and pillaged over the years by samuri. Hyakkimaru decides, through the words of a mysterious monk, that he must help Dororo find the treasure and fufill his fathers wishes in order to give his life meaning after recovering all his body parts. That becomes the goal of the story. A few key events occur but I'm not going to give them away.

Now if I didn't have a test to write this week, I would have blogged on all this by now and finished Volume 3. That'll happen after the test is done. :)

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