Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pluto Volume 6 & 7

Well I can easily tell you that Eplison is by far my favourite character in this series. He's not exactly the type of character I generally fall in love with. I believe it simply may be a case of having fallen in love with the way they draw his facial expressions and always display him with such kind eyes, yah and then there's that whole androgyny long, blonde hair thing that.. those who know me well, they know I got a soft spot for that sort of thing.
By this point, you have been given the understanding that a lot of people die in this series. This does not concern me as my favourite books, movies and comics are the built off the idea that there is no one main character. That is probably why I can't stop reading Pluto; a series that when ultimately recommended to me, I figured would less than entertaining. It's a good thing I tend to give everything a shot ! I hate the thought I could miss out on something truly amazing. Who doesn't love being pleasantly surprised?
I think I'll recap the whole series when I finish the last volume.. which I will be picking up shortly at the Library!

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