Monday, January 14, 2013

Addicted to Curry Chapter 2 : The First Step for a Comeback and Pumkin Curry

Apparently "Addicted to Curry" has not been released in North America. I can't seem to find any published volumes so I'm reading this online per Chapter. It's kind of annoying this way but what can ya do? I really did want to read it! I will try not to write a blurb on every single chapter because that would just be really annoying. Instead, I think I'll just update every now and then on the progression of the story.. well mostly I just care about the fact that there are recipes in this manga and a less than powerful love story. lol.
It cracks me up that the manga always begins with a scantily clad pic of Yui. Total fan service and really funny. This chapter contains a recipe for Pumpkin Curry. I wish I was eating pumpkin curry right now.

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