Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fushigi Yugi :The Mysterious Play by Yu Watase

So, when I first started reading this I thought "wow, this reads like it was written by a teenage girl" and then the authors notes started showing up in the ledger and I thought "oh, wow.. it is written by a teenage girl". This really isn't the story for me.. why the hell did I even want to read it?

I suppose the most annoying part of this book was that the main character appears to have ADHD and can't hold a normal conversation with anyone. The dialogue is all over the place making it somewhat difficult for me to follow. There is almost no flow to it at all. I felt like I HAD ADHD. So, after reading the notes from the author, I'm left thinking "wow, the author writes like that because that is the way she ACTUALLY awful". Dreadfully sad. Also, I don't know if it's the translation, but there constantly seems to be something missing from the dialogue... actual content? I want to blame the translation but after reading the notes from the author in the ledgers, I can't be certain. Actually, at one point I started just getting really mad at the long meandering notes and started skipping them.

So all in all, will I continue reading Fushigi Yugi?? Um... I have volume 2 and I'm looking at it with painful disdain.

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