Sunday, December 2, 2012

Batman:Through the Looking Glass -artist Sam Keith

Sam Keith is my favourite comic book artist. He's amazing.. I can't describe him other than to say : whimsical. He's done some Wolverine, as well as Batman, but my favourite stuff by him is the stuff he wrote and drew himself. You would know him best for The Maxx, but I think Zero Girl is still my favourite. My friend Matthew took this out for me at the Library. I am still waiting for my Library card. heh. Through the Looking Glass is written by Bruce Jones and I have to say, I do really like the script. It's hard for me to appreciate the script at all though when it's written over suck beautiful art. The novel could have existed just fine for me without a script. As per usual, Sam Keith has taken the opportunity to draw a cute little girl as a guide for the hero. Celia being a little girl from Bruce Wayne's past. A cherished childhood friend who died tragically of diphtheria. Batman is drugged in the beginning of the story and hallucinates Celia leading him to clues to settle a murder mystery spurred on by the Madd Hatter.. Probably one of my favourite Batman Villains. Even if you don't like Batman, I would recommend you reading this. The art is perfect of course. PERFECT.

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