Sunday, December 23, 2012

30 Days of Night issue #5

Gah. I picked this out of the free bin at Strange Adventures when I decided to stop in while record shopping. I've never read any of the original 30 Days Of Night. I saw the awful movie. I knew about the new series but never bothered to look into it and now that I have read this, I doubt I will ever bother reading it again. I was kind of intrigued by some the art that looked as though it had been done with markers then scanned into photoshop. This is the problem with a lot of IDW stuff I have read lately. It always seems to photoshopped that it makes me sad. It just doesn't have the warmth I've come to love about so many of my favourite works. Although I like the style of Davide Ferno (also worked on Scapled) I don't really like this whole blurry, airbrushed, thing... I dunno.. it's not the sort of art that turns me on.

As for the scripting, I really disliked the cop banter. Who the hell says "double crap"? Cop banter almost always bores the shit out of me but this is painfully dry. BORING. Anyway, I'm sure there are lots of people out there that enjoy this sort of thing, but not me.

I know this is sort irrelevant but I really don't like the paper this comic is printed on.. seems like all the IDW comics I've bought are printed on this heavy, glossy paper and I don't like it. Not really important... just an observation and one more thing for me to complain about.

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